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Product Sourcing Service
As we are entering our seventh year of service, we take pride in having served hundreds of businesses from coast to coast. For those interested in locating and buying specific goods from China, we offer a fully integrated Product Sourcing Service.

China is Asia's most diversified and competitive supplier of manufactured goods with a staggering number of companies and goods produced. Due to communication difficulties arising from cultural differences and scarcity of accurate information, it is often difficult and sometimes impossible to locate the required products and to arrange reliable delivery at favorable terms. Dealing with China by correspondence is time consuming and travel to China is costly and not necessarily productive.

Our service eliminates the need for travel to China by offering you an alternative. We will source the products you are seeking quickly, efficiently and reliably while acquiring them at competitive prices. Very often our Product Sourcing Service is the only avenue available to find a specific product from among the millions of products China manufactures.
Freight Forwarding, Warehousing & Distribution
We offer third party logistics services, freight management, transaction and logistics consulting. We are active in shipping, cargo management, shipping agency, consolidation, logistics, transportation for international shipments. Try us and see for yourself what we can do for you and your cargo.
Customs & Port Clearance
We assist in all aspects related to customs clearance of cargo. This involves documentation and registration with authorities until all formalities are cleared. In selected areas My Express perform customs clearance services in-house.
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